About me

Megan aka Mina Moo

I was called Mina Moo because she was my favourite “person” and because I am actually allergic to milk and milk products. 

I am a 26-year-old student studying Communications as a major at a university in Rome, Italy. Determined to change lives as I go. I am a shy person, however, if I do feel comfortable around you, I just talk (sometimes, way too much…sorry not sorry)I have an extremely quiet nature about me and enjoy watching people, be themselves. I get nervous and anxious very quickly 🙂 but I am learning to deal with it. My blog will be about my experiences in Rome and the people I come across and struggles that I face. I want to enlighten people’s lives and help the world become a better place by exhuming love, acceptance, and humility.

I enjoy watching people, be themselves, their moods and how they treat others. I get nervous and anxious very quickly 🙂 but I am learning to deal with it. I consider myself to be an empath. I can easily connect to people’s feelings and can get affected by their energies, which is both good and bad. I cry easily and laugh freely and just want to live openly. I love animals, mainly cats and have an obsession with French Bulldogs.

I want my blogs to change people’s perspective in life, add a little positivity and share some of my experiences and thoughts. Growing up, I was raised with love, humility, and acceptance of any person. I would like to share that with you.

Welcome to my life. Hope you enjoy the ride…